Over-throw the Rainbow: Where Andrew Lloyd Webber could go next.

The vocal cords are warmed up, the gingham dresses are pressed and the final line up is in.

This time next week Andrew Lloyd Webber will have found his new Dorothy.


Toto search logo

Andrew Lloyd Webber is hunting for Toto


For the last few years my weekend viewing has been punctuated by Andrew Lloyd Webber’s televised search for his next theatre star.  From Maria, to Joseph, to Nancy and now Dorothy the BBC shows have helped reinvigorate the West End and get more visitors through the theatre doors.

But where could ALW go for 2011?

Personally I think it’s time for something new.  In 2007 they pulled in the teen viewers by concocting a storyline in Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks.  Then in 2009 producers turned the search spotlight on cute-as-a-button 8 year-old boys.  Then, this year, they upped the cute-stakes further by hunting for Dorothy’s adorable four-legged friend…  If the show gets any sweeter I think even avid theatre fans  will start to feel queasy.

What our Saturday night viewing needs is a bit more spice…

We Brit’s can’t help but love a good TV villain – Big Brother 1’s Nasty Nick, Bad Girl’s Jim Fenner even Simon Cowell have captured our home-grown imaginations – so why not exploit it to the full.


Simon Cowell image

Villians are a staple of Saturday night TV


Simply put villans are more exciting.

Do a televised search for the Wicked Witch of the West, or the Child Catcher from Chitty.   Imagine the possiblities – no more of the hideous ‘Musical Mash-ups’ but rather ‘goodie’ vs ‘baddie’ duets.

You’re guaranteed to get some brilliant characters auditioning and the if  the recent popularity of television shows like Doctor Who have proven anything, it’s that kid’s like being scared.

Go on Andrew, give us someone we’ll love to hate.


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