(Possibly) The Most Loved TV Ads of All Time

Advertising is all about being remembered:  We Buy Any Car goes for a ridiculously repetitive (dare I call it) slogan where as Go Compare chooses the slightly more subtle beat-them-around-the-head-with-puns-and-bad-rhymes approach – but no matter how annoying as they are or how mad they make us, we all know them…  And therefore I have to consider them very successful campaigns.

Earlier this month BOTTLE PR posted a blog presenting a selection of The Worst TV Ads of All Time, and although they missed a few (I feel the Covonia and Five Bingo adverts should be firmly shouldering their way into the mix), that blog got me thinking; we all know there are adverts that we love to hate, but what about those adverts that we love to love?  Which adverts will we remember for years, not because of a hideous jingle or dancing dog, but because we actually liked them?

1. Cadbury’s Caramel

Just the sound of that Bristolian lilt brings me right back to my first job working in a Cadbury’s Outlet.  This campaign brings back such feelings of nostalgia that Cadbury’s brought the Bunny out of retirement earlier this year to tempt people back to the brand post Kraft  take over.

2. Total Greek Yoghurt

Now somehow I’ve managed to completely miss this advert (thanks @Deveta for this suggestion) – but by just reading the You Tube comments I can see what an impact it has had.

3. Muller Corner

A personal favourite of mine – Ok, so she’s a cow, but  what lady doesn’t know what Mary’s going through?! 

4. Guinness

I don’t remember ever seeing it on the television and yet I know the words by heart.  The winner of countless awards, I just have to see a single frame to know the advert, the concept and the product.  I don’t even like Guinness, but hey, who’s for a pint of the Black Stuff?!

Looking back at these much-loved ads, it really makes me wonder why the emotion that some Advertising Execs choose to tap into is anger?  Yeh it works in the short-term, but ultimately We Buy Any Car is an ad we’d all love to forget.

But for now, we just can’t.



4 thoughts on “(Possibly) The Most Loved TV Ads of All Time

    • Hi Matthew,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my ad selection! I’d love to hear other people’s suggestions for good ads… unfortuately I’m not really up-to-speed with my Def Leppard knowledge – So I’m afraid I don’t know which ad you’re thinking of. If you can point me in the right direction, please let me know!


  1. Spent the evening looking through youtube for ads ><

    One that sprung to mind immediately was the old Harry Enfield Dime Bar adverts

    (That bloke's a nutter! Oi! Nutter!")

    And more recently I think the Old Spice advert is definitely going to be a classic!

    And lest we forget "Holidays are coming!"

    And "I'm a secret lemonade drinker!"

    And (omg I have to stop!) "Just one Cornetto ~ !)

    • All fabulous suggestions.

      I remember the boys at school running around bellowing “Armadillos!” and chasing after girls.

      Clearly the campaign was successful though. The advert actually jumped off the screen and was recreated in the playground – and everyone wanted Dime Bars…

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