The Superheroes of Social Media

Before I start this blog I would like to apologise for it’s geekiness.  It began one evening, over a bottle of wine as I attempted to explain to a techno-phobic friend the differences between the social media tools… and all I can say, is that the metaphors took over.

Like a shockwave the impact of social media has rippled through the world of communications, marketing and PR.  In the last 18 months social media has become a real hero of communication…

Introducing the Social Media Super Heroes

Twitter is… Batman

Although powerful on its own, like The Caped Crusader, Twitter jumps to a completely different level when you add a few gadgets into the mix.  Hootesuite and Tweetdeck are to Twitter what the Batmobile and Batcave are to Batman – whilst fully functional sans-equipment, with a little helping hand from the contents of their utility belts they are both able to monitor situations, and extend their reach.

Brand monitoring is a major part of the Twitter experience, and when used affectively companies can target dissatisfied customers swiftly.  Affective brand monitoring with relevant notifications and pro-active use means that any negative situation can be quickly identified and dealt with – rather like a certain Batsignal…

Facebook is… Professor X

Professor Charles Xavier surrounds himself with webs of people – his Facebook list would be an interesting read.  But like Facebook, his communication methods are subtle – unlike Twitter where often to be heard, you need to continuously broadcast of messages, Facebook requires a more gentle approach.

Persuading a customer to share content on Facebook requires a greater sense of trust, and like the telepathy that Professor X uses, often a greater understanding of the customer.

FourSquare is… Mr Fantastic

Mr Fantastic?  If becoming stretchy is fantastic, I think I’d rather stay completely unremarkable.  As superpowers go Reed Richards really got the short straw.  To be honest, stretchiness is pretty socially awkward… rather like delving into your bag to Check In on a night out.

So much potential.  So far to go.

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for this completely whimsical and fairly useless blog.

But I look forward to hearing if anyone else has any more social media superheroes up their sleeves.



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