New Year’s Resolutions for BlackBerry

I loved my BlackBerry – I really did. So much so that my then-fiance had to threaten to throw it out of the window if he saw it on our wedding day – tweeting down the aisle anyone?

Safe to say both the BlackBerry and myself survived not only the big day and the honeymoon, but also the enforced separation.

The problem is, 18 months after taking out my 2-year contract, I’ve simply fallen out of love with my BlackBerry Bold 9000… Yes, it’s still always close at hand, but as the New Year ticks gradually closer I can’t help but mentally start ticking down the days until I can upgrade.

There was a time when I was firmly a BlackBerry-til-I-die brand advocate, but I’m slowly slipping towards the Iphone and the Android market – so what could BlackBerry do to keep me fighting their corner?

  1. Get a wiggle-on with Ap Functionality – I accept a lot of the ap’s created for the BlackBerry are not created by BlackBerry themselves – however something needs to be done about the clunkiness of Ap functionality.  Take Facebook Places, it was rolled out within weeks to the US and UK on iphone and Android, but it took months before BlackBerry users were able to access the function.  My upgrade finally downloaded last month – 2 months after it’s UK launch in September – but still I haven’t been able to successfully check-in.  And it appears that I’m far from the only one….
  2. Sort out the dodgy Handset design –  Fair play to BlackBerry, this has already happened – but only in part.  Whilst it isn’t a patch on the iphone 4 aerial debacle, the main way of navigating around a non-touch screen BlackBerry is through a central roller ball or pad… and it’s blooming annoying when the thing stops working.  In my case I can’t scroll down.  So as long as your text/email/status/webpage doesn’t go off-page we’re on to a winner…  Otherwise I’ve got a major problem.
  3. Indulge in a new look – I’m sure I’m not the only person out there who has spent far too long fishing in my bag hoping to be lucky to get a nibble off my BlackBerry.  Whilst I accept the design of the BlackBerry case is very stylish, suitably corporate and very handy for ensuring a prolonged battery life, is sleek black design does make it incredibly difficult to locate in the dark-depths of a handbag or briefcase!  I could  buy a special case for my BlackBerry that’s in a different colour, but when I bought my BlackBerry replacement cases were £70 – more than I paid for the phone!  So at the moment I’m resorting to stickers.

Clearly Resolutions 2 and 3 are very much personal niggles I have about the BlackBerry Bold 9000 product (which I accept is fairly elderly in mobile technology terms), however the first Resolution really needs to addressed if BlackBerry have any hope of keeping mobile-wise users going back to their brand.

Gen Y are all about smart-phones, communication and easy-accessed information on-the-go – and BlackBerry really seems to be lagging behind in this field. Even the newly launched BlackBerry Ap World, designed to make Ap downloading more stream-lined, keeps crashing my BlackBerry (even after system re-stores and the correct operating system upgrades)…  Clearly something really needs to be done.

In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions on what phone I should look to get when my 2011 upgrade should finally come round I’m all ears…

Happy New Year everyone – see you on the other side!



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