Social Media: A Pantomime – Oh yes it is!

Pantomimes are a crucial part of the festive season – for me, nothing rounds the year quite like sitting in a darkened room for 2 hours heckling at minor celebrities.

A few years ago Twitter hosted it’s first pantomime – but this blog isn’t about how well pantos translate on to the internet (Oh no it isn’t!). Instead I look at just some basic rules that Social Media campaigners can learn from the success of festive theatre.

Don’t forget the audience

Whether this is taking the mickey out of the town mayor or referencing popular television, the most successful pantomimes are the ones that draw on the audience’s shared experiences.  It is this sense of community that a social media campaign needs to embrace.  Don’t forget who you are targeting, make sure your campaign is going to reach the right people and is going to keep them engaged.


One of the real gems of social media is the ability to develop conversations – so even in a constructed campaign be prepared to go “off-script.”  Keep a cool head, remember who you’re targeting and what you’re trying to achieve and go with the flow.  As long as you keep in-character and on-brand you shouldn’t have too many problems.

“He’s behind you!”

Engage with your audience.  If you want them to respond to your message in a certain way whether this is a Re-Tweet on Twitter, or to pick up the phone and make a donation to charity, make sure they know what is expected of them.  A successful pantomime encourages interaction and the audience are queued as to when they are expected to get involved.

The Show Must Go On

The internet isn’t nine to five and so neither is your social media presence.  You should be prepared to deal with your audience outside of office hours.

Making it all match

Whatever your vision make sure you stay onbrand otherwise your audience will notice.  Whether you consider your social media to simply be the props and stage dressing for your marketing stategy, or whether it’s the main show, if it doesn’t fit with the rest of your image it’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

Give something back

Whether you run competitons for your followers and fans, or simply aim to give them extra knowledge and insight, you should always aim to give your audience something extra – and hopefully soon they’ll be jumping out of their seats to catch these tasty tit-bits.

Who’s Who

Going to the theatre is all about suspending your sense of reality, but as adults we know that Daisy the Cow probably doesn’t spend the other 11 months of the year grazing on buttercups.  We like to know just that bit more about what goes on behind the veil of theatre, and so we buy a programme to find out more about the people we’re really watching.  With social media it’s the same – you should always ensure that you’re transparent, – never pretend to be someone or something you’re not.



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