Why Celebrity and Twitter sometimes shouldn’t mix

We all know that some ‘celebrities’ will do whatever is necessary for a prolonged bite of the fame cherry.  Fame, for some, is an addiction.

Whether they get it through a publicity stunt, a semi-nude photo shoot, or a scandalous relationship, doesn’t matter – as long as they get their next fix.  And there is something about a lot of these situations that comes across as just plain desperate…

Apparently the majority of us crave our 15 minutes of fame, and I certainly have no issue with that – but with the increasing popularity of social networking sites like Twitter, it makes it even easier for wannabe celebrities to keep being regurgitated unceremoniously into the public domain.

Last week Radio 4’s PM programme described the likes of Stephen Fry as the Dukes of their very own Twitter kingdoms and, if that’s the case, that makes Z-list celebrities such as Big Brother contestant Kenneth Tong, the bed bugs of the kingdom – completely unthought-of until they bite you.

I’m all for freedom of speech and ease of communication, but like oil and water Tong and Twitter should never have been allowed to mix.

In a stream of recent twitter updates Tong successfully caused online chaos by apparently promoting the benefits of anorexia.   Unsurprisingly after the flurry of hate-tweets he received, and the threat of legal action Tong retracted his Tweets, labelling the whole saga as a hoax and an experiment to test the power of the internet.


Personally, I don’t believe that for one minute.  I think this is an example of a hideously tasteless and inappropriate PR stunt.  Unfortunately for this fame-addict he chose to abuse one of the most powerful communication tools currently available in an attempt to get his high.

Getting yourself labelled the “Most Hated Man In Britain” and getting a few interviews with broadsheet journalists is certainly not worth toying with people’s lives.




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